Welcome to the Journey



Baruch Hashem

Located in the Crown Heights community of Brooklyn, New York, Scenic Route Literacy is prepared to support the exceptional literacy learner. Our mission is to enable every learner reach their literacy and intellectual potential– empowering them to have the confidence, curiosity and purpose for optimal engagement in the world.

We offer supports for both Hebrew and English Literacy.

Scenic Route is a learning journey that embraces the experience of growth — which is sometimes smooth and sometimes laden with challenging obstacles. We brace ourselves to “climb mountains”, “cross rivers”, “surmount boulders”, trekking surely on our¬† path. Most importantly, we learn to enjoy the journey and to take pride in every step of the way.

We know we’ve hit the sweet spot when children start reading for pleasure and for meaning. ¬†Sometimes this happens only a couple of weeks after we begin our journey. When children realize that their effort is paying off, they begin to gain confidence in themselves and in their work. They realize they can apply these learning behaviors to whatever goals they set for themselves.

We also provide consultancy and leadership in designing and implementing educational plans in collaboration with BOE service providers, families, school and other intervention providers. See here for details.

Contact me to find out how your child can develop the skills for success in school and life.

Navigating with you,

Nechamy Segal, Ms.Ed