Kabbalah Alef Bais Curriculum and Cards



Within these 32 cards lies a rich curriculum through which some of the most mystical Kabbalistic and Chassidic concepts have been distilled and presented in a manner that is accessible and relatable even to young and novice learners. Included are instructions that will allow for all kinds of learners to become familiar with and internalize the names, utility, and stories of each of the letters of the Alef Bais (Hebrew alphabet) in a memorable and spiritual way. Just as a builder uses wood, nails, and stone to build a home, Hashem uses the 22 letters of the Alef Bais (Hebrew alphabet), each an articulation of Divine creative energy, to constantly create and recreate the universe. Each letter holds countless mystical—yet relevant and practical—secrets, stories that can guide and inspire us as we inhabit G-d’s physical world.

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