About Nechamy Segal

Baruch HaShem

At Scenic Route, I expect every traveler to have unique strengths, challenges and interests. Therefore I am ready to customize the learning routes for a diverse population of students, in regards to their ages and exceptionalities.

I have prepared a wonderful collection of evidence-based curricular materials and strategies that can be seamlessly integrated to design an individually-tailored program. I use systematic and explicit Multi-Sensory and Direct Instruction practices such as Orton Gillingham, Lindamood Bell, Wilson Reading Systems, and Montessori Methodology.  I work with a balanced literacy approach, incorporating best practices from TCRWPFountas and Pinnel and The Hochman Method.  I am ready to employ Sounds In Motion, Lively Letter, and Zoo Phonics, if your child will benefit from additional mnemonics and scaffolding. I want to ensure your child will have optimal benefit from every moment of instruction.

I draw on my experiences and training as a classroom teacher, as a clinical interventionist,  as a special education coordinator, and currently as a graduate level professor of reading, to provide academic rigor. And as a mom of three children, I have developed a special intuition and sensitivity for children that helps me understand them and provide responsive nurturing.

Through ongoing study and intensive field work, it is my goal to identify and apply solutions that can make a real difference in a child’s life, and to benefit as many children as possible in our communities with flexible, coordinated delivery of services. Our goal is to enable learners to access and engage in all kinds of experiences regardless any limitations. We promote and implement accommodations and scaffolds that are simple, logical and helpful, just like a sidewalk curb which essentially helpful for everyone.Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 1.38.44 PM.png

The Curb: Essentially helpful for everyone

Please see my LinkedIn  Profile to read more about my Professional, Educational and Volunteer experiences, my skills and publications.